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Satisfied Clients

Professionalism in Every Project

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Dr. Kimber Austin

An Advanced Website showcasing coaching services, as well as hosting videos and a podcast, with an upcoming book release and merchandise shop.

"I was dreading the thought of designing my own website, so a friend of mine recommended Molli. She took the time to ask the right questions and made suggestions that had never occurred to me. She gave me everything I needed and nothing that I didn't. The best part is that when my needs change, Molli can add features to my website.  She also eased my mind when I became intimidated about learning the features on my site.  Thank you, Molli!"

-Dr. Kimber Austin

Clinical Sexologist


KB's Hemporium

A Retail Website featuring Delta-8 infused products.


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Tanglewood Soap Company

A square site that needed updates, formatting, and improved SEO.

"I highly recommend Molli Meche for any work you may need for your website. From the build on up, the work is professional, reasonably priced, & she has a quick turnaround. You'd expect to pay much more for work of this caliber. Molli tweaked my Squarespace website & I love it!!"

- Patricia Desselle

Tanglewood Soap Co Founder/CEO


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Arthur Lewis

A Basic Website for clients to book sessions with a sports nutritionist.


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Quik Diff

A Retail Website featuring a device to improve pitstop time in car racing.


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Cocktails Chicken Farm

A Retail Website featuring chicken themed products.


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MM Pro Coaching

A Basic Website with a Blog feature added on, featuring health coaching services.


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